Hoisting machines

 Aerial platforms, forklift trucks, hydraulic hooklift hoists for containers, stationary or mobile cranes are machines that hoist goods and people and are subject to changeable weather and heavy working conditions for many hours in a row.

These vehicles must ensure:

  • reliability of instrumentation even under the most extreme working conditions
  • high-performance sensors to guarantee vehicle and operator safety (rollover protection)
  • precise control of main mechanical movements
  • high immunity from electromagnetic fields


Gefran solutions for hoisting machines

Gefran offers hoisting machine riggers a package of high-performance, robust, reliable sensors for the main movements of these machines such as:

  • control of steering angle
  • hydraulic oil pressure
  • position of the cylinder that controls opening/closing of the vehicle’s mobile parts steering control
  • control of position of independent suspensions

The solutions designed for these applications include potentiometric (with contact) and magnetostrictive (contactless) technologies for position control.

Model KH pressure transducers control hydraulic circuit pressure and the weight of material loaded by the forklift or container hoist.

For aerial platforms, the high-precision GI inclinometer, GR rotary transducer, and GSF wire position transducer let you set the maximum extension of the operator cab to prevent rollover.