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PLC and graphic functions managed by CPU module.

The front of the module is equipped with a standard DVI-D output and several connection ports (e.g. Ethernet, CAN, serials , USB).

eCPU400 modules are provided with Intel's Atom processor E6xx series.


  • PLC management and graphic functions
  • standard IEC 61131-3 programming: complete support of all languages
  • powered by rack back-plane
  • no maintenance: fanless; no moving parts
  • high data storage capacity: 2 GB solid state mass memory (diskless)
  • connectors positioned in the front panel
  • basic model with one DVI-D , two USB and one Ethernet ports
  • fieldbus options: second Ethernet port for GDNet (Fast Ethernet) communication; CAN port for CANopen Master communication
  • serial options: one RS485 and one RS232 ports
  • available SD card slot for data storage (to be ordered separately)


Automation platforms
General Overview
4.0 plastic application catalogue
e491 CPU400 Datasheet
e492 CPU400 Datasheet
e493 CPU400 Datasheet
GCube Performa Installation and operation manual

Certificações para Módulos CPU

EU Conformity declaration_EPCLOGIC400