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The ePCLogic400 is a complete process and automation control solution: a single modular system that controls sequence and work processes, and sets and displays data and connectivity.

It does this by providing a group of technological functions such as PWM, fast counters, data logger storage, temperature PIDs, and data export via FTP for rapid creation of applications.

The ePanel and eGT-I operator interfaces can be ordered separately to combine with the ePCLogic400 Controller, which integrates a CPU module and I/O modules.

The operator interfaces are available with different size displays, in horizontal or vertical versions, with keyboard or only with touch screen.

The controller can be completely customized to suit the user’s needs in terms of CPU power and number/type of inputs and outputs, adapting perfectly to the machine or system to be controlled.

Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, it can be used in various industries for a wide range of process and automation control applications, such as:

  • packaging
  • metal (washing, etc.)
  • plastic


  • Graphic, PLC and IOs integrated in a single compact unit
  • Compact solution (L<300 mm)
  • Locally expandable
  • Modular cards
  • Scalable
  • Easily installable, DIN rail mounting


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4.0 Gefran product catalog
4.0 plastic application catalogue
ePCLogic400 Datasheet
GCube Performa Installation and operation manual

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