Compact and performing: GFX4-IR is the new frontier for electrical power management

04 de Junho de 2020

GFX4-IR is the all-in-one solution by Gefran for managing electrical power, which can improve the efficiency of production processes thanks to the integration of several functions for the total control of 4 independent electrical resistive loads.

Extremely compact and high-performing: GFX4-IR combines within a single device 4 closed-loop PID controllers, 4 solid-state relays (SSR) up to 40A/channel, 4 fuse-holders, 4 current transformers and 4 digital/8 analogue inputs, bringing to a reduction in the size of the electrical panel as well as of cabling. The option to choose, for each load, the most suitable firing between Zero crossing, Half Single Cycle and Phase angle makes GFX4-IR able to adapt to numerous applications.

Various technological algorithms guarantee, first of all, a heuristic management of energy with the advantage of limiting the total power output to the loads in order to avoid input peaks from the single-phase power supply line, which is useful during the machine warm up and has the objective of avoiding a simultaneous conduction, in the context of an ON/OFF modulation for maintaining temperature. Furthermore, thanks to its V-I-P feedback function, the controller acts as a constant source of voltage (V), current (I) or power (P), with a variable set-point depending on process control requirements. In addition to that, Soft Start allows for the progressive control of the load and HSC serves as an over peak limiter. Another noteworthy function, on top of general alarms, is the accurate diagnostics of potential anomalies within the control loop, for which the LBA - Loop Break Alarm gets activated.

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