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Magnetostrictive transducer for hot rolling mill  manufacturer

Magnetostrictive transducer for hot rolling mill manufacturer

Find out how to control the compression roller in rolling mill

Position sensor for tandem hot rolling process

Find out how to improve the position control of the rolls in the tandem hot rolling mill with the resolution of 0.5 𝜇m with an update time of 2 kHz (every 500 𝜇s)

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Position sensor for stirrup bending machine

Find out how to achieve control of the position of the rolls with a repeatability of 0.1 mm in the stirrup bending machine.

Magnetostrictives position sensor for sawing machine for tie bar and metal profile

Find out how to achieve real-time position control of the blade for tie rods and metal profiles in the cutting machine by updating  the position  every 1 ms with a linearity error ≤ ± 0.02% FS and gaging repeatability of 0.01 mm .

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Position and pressure sensors for spring making machine

Learn how to achieve 0.1 mm repeatability for high speed bending tools in spring making machines.

Magnetostrictives position sensor for hydraulic vertical press

How to achieve repeatable and precise control of the movement and the compressive force of the upper mold in the vertical hydraulic press.

Application note sensor metal hydraulic vertical press
Application note sensor metal grinding polishing

Magnetostrictive position sensor for grinder machine and polishing machine

How to achieve 0.1mm repeatability and controll the position of abrasive heads in the workstations of a grinder machine or polisher machine 

Magnetostrictives position sensor in hot forging press

How to monitor and control your hot forging press with the WRA-A magnetostrictive position sensor and the KS pressure position sensor

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01. application note   metal   welding machine

Position sensor for automatic welding machine for flat steel

How to achieve synchronous lifting of metal plates with position sensor and  transmitters on automatic welding machines

Position sensor in a cold-chamber die casting machine

How to monitor the main process variables in a cold chamber die casting machine, ensuring the highest safety standards.

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Application note sensor metal bending machine

Position sensor for bending machine

How to check in real time and with excellent resolution the radius of curvature impressed by the two lower rollers, driven by hydraulic cylinders, of a bending machine.