Fly Talent Academy

welcome to fly:
GEFRAN's talent academy 

FLY is the Gefran Talent Academy and makes people’s strong points the focus of their development.
WE LOVE TO FLY is the start of a journey. From this point, together we can make Gefran fly now and in the future.  
The competitive advantage of a company is increasingly linked to their ability to develop and maintain a pool of distinctive skills and to develop the talent in their own people.
Gefran addresses this major challenge with the focused aim of developing its employees. Talent does not identify a person but it is a unique set of that individual’s characteristics.
Our definition of talent is a set of skills, which in line with corporate values and consistent with the specific nature of the organisation required to achieve our business strategy. We use a variety of tools and methods and these are aimed as much at existing staff as at new employees.
Talent: what does it mean for us?
Talent is skill, passion, focus, courage and resilience. Talent is ageless, it is the ability to innovate and change.
At Gefran talent is a concept filled with significance and we work on it together on a day-to-day basis.
As well as investing in research and development, Gefran has always invested in the development of its employees, knowing that their individual competitiveness will help achieve common objectives.
At Gefran, committed people with talent find a place where they can thrive, because of specific programmes for developing their potential, such as:
Long-term collaboration with universities;
Masters courses in innovation
Managerial coaching
On-the-job training
Participation in focus groups and laboratories
Classroom training
This is why we have set up FLY, Gefran's Talent Academy.
With FLY we are committed to helping our people reach their full potential.
The aim of FLY is to build the company of tomorrow, by creating value for the Group and its people today.
Grow and develop
Talent is never perfect so we have decided to identify people’s strengths to help them develop their talent. Talent sometimes makes mistakes, especially when experimenting with new approaches. We are committed to a culture where errors are considered opportunities for learning.
Who is FLY, Gefran's Talent Academy, for?

FLY is for everyone who wishes to make a difference at Gefran and seeks responsibility, which is not a status, but the ability to respond to challenges and transform them into opportunities.