Internal Audit

The Internal Audit function, with the task of checking, both continuously as well as in relation to specific requirements and in compliance with international standards, the operation and appropriateness of the internal control and risk management system, via an audit plan approved by the Board of Directors, which is based on a structured analysis of the main risks. The main strategic and operating risks are identified and assessed through a risk assessment, the results of which are described and discussed with all relevant bodies for the internal control and risk management system and with the Board of
Directors. This activity enables specific actions to be identified to mitigate the risks identified. Based on the economic and financial results achieved in the last few years, the Company considers that there are currently no significant uncertainties of an extent to raise significant doubts as to its ability to continue to operate as a going concern.

The Internal Audit function is entrusted to Piermario Barzaghi, a person from outside the company who is autonomous and independent; he was appointed by the Board of Directors, based on a favourable opinion from the Control and Risks Committee and having consulted the Board of Statutory Auditors. KPMG Advisory S.p.A. was tasked with conducting internal audit activities.