Research & Innovation

harnessed for customers
Gefran’s commitment to constant research and innovation, mean Gefran’s products are at the cutting edge of today’s technology, leading market trends. The company’s close partnership with the major global manufacturers of machines and systems give it a solid background in providing application solutions that can meet solve the problems of its customers.
Valore tecnici attivi
of the Italian workforce is dedicated to R&D
Valore ore formazione
3.000 hours
Annual hours of training
Valore fatturato investito
Turnover invested in R&D

Commitment to R&D

Gefran invests a significant share of revenues in R&D and staff training every year. Highly specialized engineers, designers and software developers work in the two R&D centres (in Provaglio d’Iseo and Gerenzano) in close partnership with prestigious Italian and foreign universities. The company has developed and filed numerous patents that make its products synonymous with innovation.

Gefran and universities

Universities are critical resources for the enterprise system because they ensure continuous scientific research and knowledge transfer.

Constant stimulation of innovation to guarantee avant-garde solutions for our customers is an essential factor in Gefran’s growth. This is why we have always worked with universities and research centers.

This cooperation takes many forms: Gefran finances research projects (specific and on demand) and receives many doctoral candidates and apprentices. Every year, we organize specific courses for a few universities, and provide our products for constant updating of automation laboratories.

Per rafforzare ulteriormente questo legame, Gefran ha sviluppato una modalità di interazione con gli studenti completamente nuova. INNOWAY è l’incubatore di innovazione di Gefran, una vera e propria experience in cui l’azienda mette a disposizione budget, risorse e know-how affinché una brillante idea possa trasformarsi in un progetto concreto.