Gefran supports local suppliers on the road towards sustainability

25 novembre 2021

Provaglio d'Iseo (BS), 25 November - Gefran is accelerating the route to ESG compliance of the small/medium-sized local companies making up the Group's supply chain. Promoting a culture of sustainability among these companies, which have fewer opportunities and resources to devote to this issue, is one of the goals of the Strategic Sustainability Plan presented by Gefran a year ago.

To this end, the company organised Supplier Day 2021, a workshop - held today - during which Gefran's management illustrated the guidelines of the Strategic Sustainability Plan, plus a series of projects and activities currently underway, to 40 such companies, as well as describing the methods available to them to adapt to ESG principles.

Gefran undertakes to include ESG issues in all the supplier audits carried out as from January 2022.

The goal is to offer local suppliers, on route towards compliance, the Group's skills and experiences and to identify co-design and co-engineering initiatives to reduce the environmental and social impact of products and components.

By 2025, similar initiatives will be developed for local suppliers in other countries where Gefran operates.  

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