One amplifier, multiple functions: new Gefran VDA-M guarantees high efficiency in injection moulding processes

28 janvier 2021

VDA-M is a smart solution combining clamping force measurement, mould protection and monitoring of the cavity pressure profile.

Tie bar strain sensors are a proven solution to control the clamping force of injection moulding machines” states Piero Tempini, Operation Manager at SensormateHowever” he continues, “machine manufacturers and final users also face other challenges in injection moulding. On the one hand, moulds must be protected against damages caused by moulded parts that are not fully ejected. On the other hand, the pressure curve in the mould must be measured and optimally controlled to avoid faulty production results, such as burr formation or surface defects. This” he concludes, “is usually done with the aid of complex cavity pressure measurements, whereby the sensors are mounted in the mould and must be reconnected each time the mould is changed”.

Thanks to the new, three-channel VDA-M amplifier, all these functions can be performed with one sensor mounted on the tie bar or toggle, depending on the type of machine. In addition to the clamping force output, a sophisticated digital amplifier electronics provides high-resolution signals specifically conditioned for the applications of mould protection and monitoring of the cavity pressure profile.


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