The Family Business Festival

25 mars 2019

The event, organised by the newspaper Corriere della Sera, AIDAF - Italian Family Business and Bocconi University, begins on April 4 with open days in some of the area’s most prominent enterprises.
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The Family Business Festival is a workshop offering the public an opportunity to find out more about family-run businesses, a pillar of the Italian economy. The 2019 festival underlines the importance of three dimensions now essential for family-run businesses as well as larger enterprises. The first is relations: within families, and of families with enterprises, among enterprises, between enterprises and institutions, and among nations. The second dimension has to do with the international scenario  in which we work, which must necessarily be taken into account. The third dimension is youth. Family-run businesses, like all enterprises, need to continue renewing and deepening their relationship with young people, whether they be consumers, employees or members of the family running the business. Because young people are the future of all economies.

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