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GF_Project VX is an integrated development environment (IDE) for real time control applications based on Gefran automation platform Gcube Performa and Gcube Modula, stand alone PID controller, Power controller, Drive and Sensor devices.
GF_Project VX includes all the tools useful for the configuration of different type of Automation project and for other project phase like commissioning, software maintenance, service and integration.

GF_Project VX can:

  • Develop automation solutions by protecting the investment allocated to configuration of the application and reducing time to market
  • Create applications for complete control of machines and plants and for configuration of graphic interface
  • Develop multiplatform solution
  • Cut learning time, provide guided development and eliminate configuration errors by exploiting graphic configuration
  • Easily reuse parts of existing projects

Thanks to various types of graphic interfaces, the programmer is given the best and most effective tools to develop an automation project. This provides you with a “visual” and “plug-and-play” approach, thanks to which project configuration is completely graphic and guided.


Gefran Software Applications

  • Operator Interface
  • Injection presses
  • Plastics blowing
  • Multizone temperature control
  • Extrusion
  • Dosers
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Plant automation


  • Development of multiplatform solutions
  • Programming according to IEC61131-3 standard
  • IEC61131-3 programming languages (LD, ST, IL, SFC, FBD)
  • OnLine Debugging and program change
  • Configurability of all Gefran catalogue devices
  • DataLog
  • Remote service

Téléchargements GF_Project VX

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General Overview
4.0 plastic application catalogue
GF_Project VX datasheet