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Contactless absolute linear position transducer with ONDA magnetostrictive technology.

The Profibus fieldbus interface integrates in complex systems with long communication distances, guaranteeing rapid and secure data transmission.

The absence of contact on the cursor eliminates all wear and ensures almost unlimited life of the transducer.

Its many advantages include smaller size for easier installation, high protection rating for use in harsh environments, excellent linearity, repeatability, and resistance to vibration and shock, guaranteeing exceptional reliability.


  • ONDA technology
  • Stroke: 50 to 4000mm
  • Position resolution settable via software up to 1 μm
  • Speed resolution up to 0.25 mm/sec
  • Conforms to CE directives (EN 50081-1 50082-1)
  • Vibration-resistant (DIN IEC68T2/6 12 g)
  • IP67 protection rating
  • Controls up to four cursors simultaneously
  • Two M12 connectors for simplified connection to Profibus and one M8 connector for separate connection to power supply (transducer can be powered without having to be connected to bus)
  • Local intelligence
  • Profibus DPV0 interface on RS485 in conformity to IEC 61158


General Overview
Position Transducers
4.0 Gefran product catalog
MK4 P / IK4 P flyer
IK4 P datasheet
PNP datasheet
Installation Manual
Manual of Electrical Installation of Contactless Magnetostrictive
Profibus DP slave user manual
Profibus Node Number Programmer for MK4P / IK4P sensors


EU Conformity declaration_MK, IK, ONP, RK
PI Profibus Certificate - MK4-P/IK4-P
EU Conformity declaration - IK4-P
UK Conformity declaration - IK4-P

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