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The DU-1D Monitor is an industrial signal amplifier and monitor for strain gauges and strain sensors.

It has integrated functions for external and internal (automatic) reset.

Force measurement on tie bars displays in kN or tons and diameter input.

Strain measurement displays in με (micro strain).

Direct switch units and change parameters.

The handling is very user-friendly.

The strain gauge sensor GE1029 measure the surface-strain directly at the mounting location in the same quality as bonded strain gages.

The press-on technology, developed by Sensormate AG, presses the strain gauges under the stainless protective film so strongly against the surface to be measured that frictional contact occurs.

The sensor does not have to be recalibrated between remove and re-installation.

The sensor is mounted using stainless steel straps, is non-destructive, very fast and simple.

For each tie-bar diameter outside tolerance of ± 2.5mm a different pair of steel straps is required. The

GE1029 sensors require a cyclic reset.


  • Complete system for the strain-measurement on one tie bar
  • Direct display of the measured values in με, kN or t
  • Quick and easy non-destructive assembly
  • High accuracy and linearity in tension and pressure (like bonded strain gauges)
  • Ideal for use on presses, injection-moulding and die-casting machines
  • One system for many different tie bar diameters (25…400mm)
  • Dynamic applications
  • 1- channel digital monitor DU1D
  • Ideal for self-construction load cells
  • Very compact and easy to use system



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