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The communication module GFX4-ETH1/ETH5 / ETH8 can be installed inside GFX4-GFXTERMO4/GFX4-IR or GFW products and expands communication by means of the Ethernet IP protocol (where the different versions follow the evolution of the stack versions and the Conformance Tests).

The module has two communication channels:
• Ethernet (switch) 2 port
• Modbus Master: allows communication with a maximum of 4 slave devices
The expansion can be installed when the above-mentioned products are ordered or installed at a later date (by expert personnel).
«E8» is the latest version, ODVA certified and compliant with Conformance test 15 ( C.T.15)

«E5» is the latest version with capability to manage «Implicit Messages» DLR function and EDS files, compliant with Conformance test 9 ( C.T. 9 )
«E1» is the previous version that is MANDATORY for replacements of existing projects developed with «E1» board.

The GFX4-ETH1/ETH5/ETH8 cards CANNOT be inserted in GFX4 and GFXTERMO4 products equipped with the 4 auxiliary inputs option (mV/TC Aux).


  • Ethernet-IP slave- Modbus RTU Master
  • Indirizzo IP Address configurable with DHCP/BOOTP or by fixed adress
  • Baud rate 10/100Mbit/s
  • Auto-Negotiation
  • Auto-Crossover
  • Switch Ethernet two ports
  • DLR function
  • EDS files
  • Internal installation


General Overview
GFX4/GFXTERMO4/GFX4-IR/GFW Ethernet IP Datasheet
Installation and operation manual
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GFX4 - GFXTermo4 - GFX4-IR Ethernet/IP
GFX4 - GFXTermo4
GFX4 - GFXTermo4


Ethernet IP Certification - Ethernet IP - ODVA - GFX4-IR («E5»)
Ethernet IP certification - ODVA - GFX4 («E8»)
Ethernet IP certification – ODVA – GFX4-IR («E8»)