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The Ethernet communication module with Modbus TCP protocol is available for models GFX4/GFXTERMO4/GFX4-IR/GFW and is housed in various cases.

You can order the communication module separately and insert it inside an existing controller. The device acquires the new configuration automatically.


The module is equipped with two communication channels:

  • The Ethernet channel with Modbus/TCP slave protocol, which allows the connection to a Master Modbus/TCP, is equipped with two RJ45 ports for a practical In-OUT daisy chain connection to other modules in the network.
  • A serial communication channel (in insulated RS485, with Modbus RTU protocol), which connects a device subnetwork of the same series to read/write data on several Controllers via Master Modbus TCP, with a “cost effective” solution.

The node address is allocated through the two rotary switches (1...99) on the product housing the module or through a software message.

The network master (usually a PLC) recognises the slave node through this address. The slave node recognised by the Master consists of GFX4/GFXTERMO4/GFX4-IR/GFW, which houses the module and the controllers of the same series connected to the Modbus serial port.

The expansion can be installed upon placing the order of the above-mentioned products or at a later date.

You can configure the card’s parameter using a dedicated SW tool


“E” Option

  • Modbus/TCP slave- Modbus RTU Master
  • Two Ethernet RJ45 ports with internal switch
  • Network address from rotary switches
  • 10/100Mbit/s baud rate with automatic recognition
  • Internal installation


General Overview
GFX4/GFXTERMO4-Modbus TCP datasheet
SW - Programming and Configuration
SW – Programming tool