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The magnetic strain gauge sensor QE1008-W measure the surface-strain directly at the mounting location in the same quality as bonded strain gages.

The magnetic press-on technology, developed by Sensormate AG, presses the strain gauges under the stainless protective film so strongly against the surface to be measured that frictional contact occurs.

The mounting of the sensor is non-destructive, very fast and simple.

The integrated signal amplifier with wireless transmission module makes the QE1008-W a state-of-the-art sensor with unsurpassed features and user-friendliness.


  • Complete system for the simultaneous strain-measurement on up to four tie bars
  • Direct display of strain values in με, kN or t (via our Inspectmate software)
  • Wireless transmission (2.4GHz), no cables
  • Quick and non-destructive assembly with magnetic press-on technology
  • High accuracy and linearity in tension and pressure (like bonded strain gauges)
  • Ideal for use on presses, injection-moulding and die-casting machines
  • Application on tie bars with a diameter of 45mm or higher and flat surfaces
  • Dynamic applications
  • Each magnetic-mount strain sensor has an integrated signal amplifier
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with up to 8h opera¬ting time
  • Receiver with USB port
  • Very compact and easy to use system


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