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The GFW electric power controller range was designed to meet the requirements of the industrial electric heating sector.

With just two ultra-compact mechanical units, they cover all applications with linear and non-linear resistive loads, including SWIR lamps and single/two/three-phase transformers (from 40 Ampere to 600 Ampere), with voltage ranging between 90 Vac to 690 Vac.

GFW models from 40 Ampere to 300 Ampere cover a surface of just 900 cm2 (three-phase models: 30 x 30 cm – W x H), whereas GFW models from 400 Ampere to 600 Ampere (1,190cm2, three-phase models: W x H = 34 x 35) are among the most compact ones available on the market. This way, they can be easily housed in new electrical panels and in old ones to be revamped.

The mechanical part of new generation GFW400/500/600 A models allows you to connect single or dual power cables or copper power distribution units to the terminals. Moreover, all the connections of the signals, Fieldbuses, and power supply are found on the front so as to facilitate access.



The different configuration levels allow for flexibility.

The control signals range from normalised analogue signals, potentiometers, serial communication to multiple Fieldbuses available, without disregarding the possibility to use logical signals in PWM mode for “cost effective” solutions.

The type of control of the double SCRs can be selected with just one parameter among the following modes:

- ZC: Zero crossing with constant cycle time (configuration ranging between 1-200 seconds) for conventional linear loads
- BF: Burst-Firing, fast Zero crossing with minimum optimised cycle time for systems with low heat inertia
- HSC: Half-Single-Cycle, which corresponds to a Burst Firing managing also single semi-waves. Therefore, it is ideal for short wave IR lamps:  it reduces flickering and limits the generation of EMC disturbance in the power line.
- PA: Phase angle control, ideal to fully remove flickering on short-wave IR lamps, accurately check power checks, correctly manage silicon carbide (SiC) and silicon molybdenum (MoSi2) non-linear resistors, and transformers’ primary windings.


The GFW range features other functions, including “Soft Start” ramps, which can be set for different types of loads, “current limits”, which control current peaks during the start-up stage and the RMS current value during operation.

Current feedback algorithms (I and I 2), voltage (V and V 2), and power (P) ensure the correct amount of energy required for the application, regardless of the external conditions, such as line voltage, and heaters’ resistors, over time.

Additional options allow GFW models (400/500/600 Ampere) to also acquire signals from external current transformers for current sensing the closest possible to the heating elements. Configurable analogue outputs transmit any process value to indicators, recorders, PLC, etc.


GFW power controllers can diagnose current, voltage, power, and temperature values and continuously monitor the temperature of power terminals for each line (Line a Load) to promptly detect any loose cable, which may damage people and equipment over time.

Current diagnostics:
- Total and partial interrupted load alarm
- Alarm threshold auto-learning function for interrupted load.
SCR short circuit alarm
- Short circuit or surge load alarm
- Interrupted internal fuse alarm

Voltage diagnostics:
- No phase alarm
- Unbalanced three-phase line alarm

Temperature diagnostics:
- Power module temperature measurement
- Power module overtemperature alarm
- Power terminal temperature measurement
- Power terminal overtemperature alarm

- Cooling fan input temperature measurement (sizes 400 A, 500 A, 600 A)
- No cooling fan 24 V power supply alarm


The parameters can be configured through a simple keypad (optional) with an LCD screen, which can be magnetically applied to the front panel, and through PC, via the GF_eXpress configuration kit, which saves all the parameters of a configuration file and is easy to manage and copy on other devices. Simplified pages (Wizard) and an exclusive guided configuration (Smart) with a question-answer format make the configuration intuitive, fast, and safe.


GFWs always have an RS485 serial connection with a Modbus RTU protocol to control current, voltage, power, and statuses of the load and device from the supervisor terminal (HMI) or PLC.

A second communication port is optional and it allows you to choose among the following Fieldbuses: Profinet, Profibus DP, CanOpen, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT or a second Modbus RTU port.

A GWF controller equipped with internal Fieldbus card can make a second Modbus RTU subnetwork available. This subnetwork allows the connection of additional GFWs through an easy IN/OUT chain connection with standard RJ10 connectors (telephone type).  







Electric power controllers suitable for controlling high and low heat coefficient resistive loads, SWIR lamps, single/two/three-phase transformers and current up to 600 Ampere.

  • Current ranges: from 40 A to 600 A
  • Voltage ranges: 480 Vac, 600 Vac or 690 Vac
  • Firing mode configurable in “Zero crossing” (Fixed Cycle, Burst Firing, Half Single Cycle) or “Phase angle”
  • Analogue inputs that can be configured for the control: Volt, mA, potentiometer, and digital (PWM)
  • Built-in fuse (opt)
  • Interrupted total and partial load alarm (opt)
  • Current limit (opt)
  • Feedback V, V2, I, I2, P (opt)
  • Thermocouple input for diagnostics and alarm (opt for ranges 100 A,200 A,250 A and 300 A)
  • Inputs for three external TAs (400 A, 500 A, 600 A)
  • Three configurable retransmission analogue outputs (400 A, 500 A, 600 A)
  • Configurations: Single-phase, two-phase, and three-phase
  • Fieldbus (opt): Profinet, Profibus DP, Modbus-TCP, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, CanOpen, Modbus RTU
  • Keypad for parameter settings/reading (opt)
  • PC configuration
  • CE, UL
  • CSA (100 A, 200 A, 250 A, and 300 A)
  • SCCR UL 508 100KA


GFW-1PH 150/300A
GFW-1PH 400/600A
GFW-2PH 150/300A
GFW-2PH 400/600A
GFW-3PH 150/300A
GFW-3PH 400/600A
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CSA Certifications - GTF, GFW
UL Certifications - UL - GTF, GF, GFW
SCCR 100KA – GFX4, GFX4-IR and GFW