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Visión general

Terminal for configuration and diagnosis of the whole Geflex series.

It is composed of a lexan membrane (ensuring an IP65 front protection).

Three 4-digit displays, two of which to display variables (PV process variable, SP set point), and a 2-digit display to identify Geflex queried node. Six function keys to access the software menus and make settings.

Fourteen LEDs: six for the output status diagnosis, and eight for the status instrument.

It comes with a built-in memory able to save the complete configuration of each Geflex, up to ten units.

This feature makes it particularly suitable for plant maintenance, as Geflex units can be configured directly on site and data can then be stored on a PC.

Moreover, the opposite operation is also available: download data from a PC to the GFX_OP terminal, operate on the plant and configure Geflex units.

Two versions are available: back-of-board mounting: the terminal can be installed directly on Geflex heat sink or on a DIN rail; front-of-board mounting: the terminal can be fixed directly on the control board of the plant.

In both cases the terminal does not need any external power supply, as this is provi-ded directly by Geflexs.

A complete 24Vdc power supply and a connection cable kit is provided for use with a PC.


Terminal de configuración y para almacenamiento-duplicación de recetas de parámetros


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