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Sensores de presión

Gefran industrial pressure transducers and transmitters measure fluid, liquid, or gas pressure in all industrial applications.
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Transductores de posición: magnetostrictivos

Contactless Absolute Linear Transducers represent an advance over linear displacement transmitters based on potentiometric technology, and offer higher performance for increasingly complex
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Transductores de posición: potenciómetros

Linear and angular displacement transducers measure the displacement of moving mechanical parts.
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Sensores de presión de melt

Gefran Melt pressure sensors are designed to satisfy every need in plastics processing. Gefran is able to provide to its customers different Melt pressure transducers for different applications at high process temperatures, up to 540°C.
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Células de carga y transductores de fuerza

TR series force transducers are used to measure the tension that plastic films or tapes exert on the guide rollers of the machinery used to coil them.
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Sensores de temperatura: termómetros de resistencia

The resistance thermometer (RT) is a passive element consisting of pure metal whose resistance value varies with the temperature.

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Sensores de deformación y fuerza con tecnología Sensormate

Sensormate strain sensors and load cells complete the Gefran sensor line, monitoring signals for management and control of tie bar strain, mold protection, and injection pressure on electric, hybrid, and hydraulic presses. Click here for more application info:

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