Closing of the deal for the purchasing of the 45.98% of Fingefran S.r.l. by Ennio Franceschetti

23 de abril de 2021

Closing of the deal for the purchasing of  the 45.98% of Fingefran S.r.l. (majority shareholder of Gefran S.p.A.) by Ennio Franceschetti, that as a consequence of the deal holds the 100% of the voting rights of Fingefran S.r.l.

The transaction allows the Franceschetti family to consolidate the chain of control of the Gefran Group and to further enhance their support to the growth projects of the Group in the long term

Gefran S.p.A. has been informed by its own majority shareholder that today the purchasing of the 45.98% of the corporate capital of Fingefran S.r.l. has been finalized by Ennio Franceschetti (Honorary Chairman of Gefran S.p.A.), through a vehicle incorporated for such purpose. The stake has been sold by the heirs of Giacomo Franceschetti, brother of Ennio Franceschetti and co-founder of Gefran S.p.A..

The purchasing allows Ennio Franceschetti to increase its own quote of the corporate capital, holding the 100% of the voting rights of Fingefran S.r.l., holding that owns, after the closing, the 53.02% of the share capital of Gefran S.p.A..

The terms of the transaction included a consideration in cash to the benefit of the heirs of Giacomo Franceschetti and the simultaneous purchase by them of a stake in Gefran S.p.A. equal to 7.17%, previously held respectively by Ennio Franceschetti (3.49%) and by Fingefran S.r.l. (3.68%).

The deal shows one more time the constant and long term commitment of the Franceschetti Family in supporting the Gefran Group in its development path, sustaining its potential and ambitions for growth on a global scale.

Ennio Franceschetti has been supported by Corus Corporate Finance S.p.A. as financial advisor and by Studio Bellora & Associati for the legal aspects and by CLA Consulting for the fiscal profile. The heirs of Giacomo Franceschetti have been supported by Studio Zulli Tabanelli e Associati as financial advisor and by Studio Zaglio Orizio for the legal aspects.

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