GQ: Controlled Power SSR

June 18, 2007

GQ: Controlled Power SSR

GQ is the latest in Gefran’s new series of solid state relays. Compared to other 45x58 mm solid state relays, the GQ has innovative features that make it easier to use.

Control signals connect to a pluggable connector that lets you pre-wire, making it easier to replace components when required and reducing the risk of signal polarity inversion.

GQ offers a wide range of connectors: spring, screw, and double spring for multiple connections.

GQ accepts 3…32 VDC control signals and also offers models with 20…260 VAC/DC universal input.

Power terminals are always protected by an integrated cover (easy to open and close for connection) and are compatible with flexible stripped wire, rigid stripped wire, ferrule, and fork terminals.

15, 25, 50 and 90 Amp models, with voltage range of 230 VAC, 480 VAC and 600 VAC, are available in typical “Hockey puck” configurations.

The GQ family is designed entirely employing the latest technology form Gefran SpA. Custom technology and production process, using SCR in antiparallel configurations, SMD components, supports high power dissipation. Proven component quality and generous technical specification with high I2t, non-repetitive overcurrent, dV/dt, and low voltage drop.

Built in “zero crossing” switching to minimize EMC emissions, GQs are suitable for applications with resistive loads (AC51) and partially inductive loads (AC53), making them ideal for controlling electrical heaters and motors.

Among the many accessories in the GQ line are heat sinks that allow all models to work at 40°C, even under full load. There are also various types of signal connectors and silicone adhesive strips for perfect heat dissipation.

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