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The SMB200 is a 3-phase 400V and 690V AC/DC power supply with rated currents of up to 2500A in stand-alone configuration and 9000A parallel in configuration.

It is used primarily in very high power applications. The DC bus power supply is used when recovery of any kinetic energy is limited and is dissipated to the resistance via traditional braking systems.

- Relay outputs: 1 contact for SMB200 Precharge OK
- 2 digital outputs: SMB200 “OK” and “Main loss”
- Power on LED on faceplate

Protection functions
Opening of OK relay in case of:

  • Overtemperature
  • No power to control card (±15V)
  • Power failure
  • Complete discharge of DC-link.

Line inductance (mandatory)



Power Supply, DC link current from 1000A to 9000A

400V series:
* Power supply: 380VAC -15% …500VAC +5%, 50/60Hz
* DC Link current: from 1250A to 9000A

690V series:
* Power supply: 500VAC -10% …690VAC +10%, 50/60Hz
* DC Link current: from 1200A to 9000A

* IP00-rated protection.
* The SMB200 power supply is suitable for powering both single and multiple inverters in a system and connected by a common DC link.
* Certifications: CE.

General characteristics:
Depending on the current level, consists of a diode rectifier or of a half-controlled bridge, both in 6-pulse configuration.
A 12-pulse system can be configured by powering two SMB200s with parallel DC output via a transformer with two secondaries and 30° phase-shift.

For some lines or machines, the energy generated by motors powered by the DC Link system exceeds the level that the machine can reuse, and can be a high percentage of motorizing energy. In these applications, instead of using systems that dissipate energy to the resistance, it is more efficient to regenerate energy to the primary power supply. In this case, the SMB200 unidirectional power supply can be connected in parallel to an FFE200 regenerative power supply sized only for the regenerated power.

• Built-in fuses

• Selection of undervoltage limit via dip-switch based on line voltage

• Selection of line frequency: 50 or 60 Hz

• Selection of leveling capacitor precharge time via dip-switches.


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EU Conformity declaration_SMB200
EAC Certification 2023

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