Gefran and its people

There is no distinction between company and people because Gefran is its people. Gefran is at all times committed to quality of life at and outside work.

With regard to the health of its employees and ensuring compliance with occupational safety legislation, our Group is constantly committed to providing its employees with all the tools to enable them to carry out their activities in safe conditions.

The challenge of creating a professional world to which people want to belong represents Gefran's culture and values. FLY Gefran Talent Academy focuses on development of people’s strong points. The goal is continued development and support for each person’s distinctive skill set and development of the talent of all Gefran people.
WELLFRAN – People in GEFRAN is the set of initiatives and actions through which Gefran looks after its employees’ wellbeing, where wellbeing is understood in a holistic sense and, at the same time, as the possibility of people achieving their full potential.

Diversity is a value for us and, as such, it must be protected. That is why we respect people’s right to choose a life style that meets their specific requirements, knowing that each person's uniqueness must be properly encouraged as it offers great potential for the company’s growth.

Sustainability Strategic Plan 2020 - Update November 2021
Strategic sustainability plan 2020

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