Gefran rides the wave of simplicity in Magnetostrictive technology

March 31, 2010

Simplicity. This is the main feature of Gefran’s new solution for measuring displacement by means of magnetostrictive technology.

The result of constant technological research and innovation (always the added value of Gefran products), this new solution is called ONDA (wave). Referring to the physical principle for magnetostrictive technology, the name ONDA emphasises that the solution is simple enough to be used even in applications that do not require high technology.

ONDA technology uses a new sensitive element to read magnetic cursors. The structure of the sensitive element has been simplified and optimised thanks to innovative technological solutions developed and patented by Gefran.

To launch this new technology, Gefran introduces a magnetostrictive displacement transducer with a completely new profile: ONP1-A, available in a few different versions to satisfy main applicative requirements while still maintaining simplicity.

Above all, there is simplicity in the choice of options. The catalogue offers various types of cursors and mounting brackets for the best mechanical solution compatible with existing solutions. Two types of main outputs are available: in voltage and in current.

Simplicity also refers to installation: the compactness of the profile and transducer head, the choice of a popular connector (solenoid), adjustable brackets, etc., all make the ONP1-A an easy-to-install product in any situation.

Lastly, the simplicity of the new ONP1-A also regards transducer maintenance: magnetostrictive technology ensures high accuracy of measurement and longer life thanks to a reading system based on a magnetic, i.e., contactless, principle.

In addition, the ONP1-A offers the advantage of an excellent price/performance ratio, ensuring the quality of a magnetostrictive product at the cost of one based on more conventional, low-performance technology.

ONP1-A is available for strokes from 50 to 1500 mm. Its IP65 structure and sturdiness make it suitable for most industrial automation applications. Infinite resolution and linearity of 0.04% FS guarantee highly accurate measurement. Additional details on technical specifications are available in the product catalogue.

Once again, Gefran shows its commitment to developing and producing new sensors that provide technological innovation and new solutions for a real applicative advantage.

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