Gefran's TPD32 is now more powerful and has a new look

June 13, 2012

Designed for maximum rationalising of system requirements, the TPD32 EV offers a series of dedicated functions and application packets that satisfy the complex demands of modern industrial automation systems.

Available with a current range from 20A to 4800A in 2 and 4 quadrant configurations for universal power supplies of 230VAC…690VAC… 1000VAC and system solutions with 12 parallel and serial pulses.

With these new configurations, the TPD32 EV line offers additional benefits for optimizing spaces in panels and for easier operation and service, thank to innovative “compact power frames” up to 2400A tetra-quadrants.

Thanks to full display of parameters and variables, the KB-TPD32-EV programming keyboard provides extremely intuitive and simple use of the converter.

With the GF_eXpress programming tool, you can configure/parameterise and monitor quickly and intuitively, thanks to the graphic interface for programming in function blocks, in parameters list or with the advanced “wizard” system for rapid and simple startup.

TPD32 EV integrates cutting-edge technologies to guarantee top performance not only on revamping systems, but also on advanced regulation architectures with DC converters, such as lamination, plate machining, industrial lifting, ski lifts, machinery for amusement parks, test benches, etc.

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