Heat Treatment

Process control is critical in the heat treatment sector. Gefran offers a specific range of products and the best process control solutions for electrical heat treatments, from small laboratory kilns to large metal/glass/silicon furnaces.
These products provide features such as energy efficiency, preventive maintenance, advanced process control, and process data storage and management.
The range includes products such as: indicators and alarm units, single and multi-loop PID controllers, power units to control electrical heating by means of resistive loads, SWIR lamps, and multi-I/O products with integrated control functions, automation, and process data recording and storage.

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Application Notes for Heat Treatment

Def rim from furnace die casting

Power controller in the holding furnaces for die casting

How to solve the non-linearity of the resistive value of the SiC heater with the power controller in the holding furnaces for die casting

Power resistors in vacuum furnaces

All the advantages of a robust and performing vacuum oven control system thanks to the power resistors.

Def turbina
Def controller for precius metal furnace

Controllers for bright annealing furnaces

Find out how to achieve temperature uniformity of 1.5 ° C in a 3-zone metal heat treatment furnace with a multifunctional PID controller.

Articles for Heat Treatment

The overcurrent fault protection (OFP) in heat treatment

Temperature adjustment and control are critical in heat treatment applications. The overcurrent fault protection (OFP) fuses are usually used to protect systems from breakdowns. But these fuses are very expensive because they involve very precise and repeatable melting energy.

Gefran has patented a new solution that guarantees savings in terms of cost of replacement parts, labor, and down-time. 

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Case Histories for Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment - OEM, System Integrator, End User
Isoclima (B.H.T.) -  High performance glass

Isoclima (B.H.T.) - High performance glass

ISOCLIMA is the world’s leading producer of high-performance glass.
B.H.T. srl builds furnaces to temper curved and flat glass, and required an efficient application to manage a furnace with 520 temperature zones for a flat glass production plant.

Heat Treatment - OEM, System Integrator, End User
Linn - Inductive heated lab furnace

Linn - Inductive heated lab furnace

Linn, a specialist in industrial furnaces, needed to setup an induction for melting tests on several metals (from platinum to iron). Induction furnaces are electrical furnaces in which the heat is applied by induction heating of metal.
The advantage of an induction furnace is a clean, energy-efficient and well-controllable melting process compared to most other means of metal melting.

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