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In the Civil Lifting sector, the ADL500 inverter is the most advanced, most complete technological platform. Travel comfort, reliability and performance to meet each of the system's specific requirements, identified in individual product configurations that provide the user with an appropriate technical and economic choice.

The ADL500 family is therefore divided into three configurations: ADL550 - ADL530 - ADL510, designed for “High-end” or “Medium-end” installations, but also for “Low-end” applications or modernizations.

  • ADL550 & ADL530: specific for installations requiring high degrees of performance, travel comfort, with the added benefits of universal drive management and speed feedback.

The broad power range meets the most stringent system dimensions and the ADL550 series also guarantees the highest levels of operational safety.

  • ADL510:  designed for “geared” motors dedicated to open loop control. Thanks to its limited number of parameters and start-up and optimization wizards, it is simple and user friendly.




  • Functions to void roll-back and suppress vibrations upon start-up.
  • “Direct Landing” positioning at the floor.


  • Safe Torque Off (STO-SIL3): Can use drive with no output contactors.
  • Electronic Brake Control (EBC-SIL3): External device to replace electromechanical brake control relays (component life: 10+ years)


  • Built in universal multi-encoder card.
  • DC battery management system for emergency operation with built-in module

Smart Communication

  • Wireless drive programming via Wi-Fi module and GF_Liftouch web application
  • Drive monitoring and remote access via 3g/4g gateway and GF_Liftouch web application


Power supply

  • ADL500-4: 3ph 230-400-480V (-15% / +10%) @50/60Hz

Motor power

  • ADL550-4: 4kW (5Hp) … 75kW (100Hp)
  • ADL530-4: 4kW (5Hp) … 75kW (100Hp)
  • ADL510-4: 4kW (5Hp) … 22kW (30Hp)


  • Integrated EMI filter according to EN12015; EN 61800-3 categories C2 and C3 depending on the environment.
  • CE mark
  • UL and cUL E365347 certification for elevator components as per ASME A17.5 and CSA B44.1. for ADL550 and ADL530
  • Compliant with EN81-20, EN81-50
  • Safety Torque Off (STO) certification EN61800-5-2:2007 SIL3

Main functions

  • Speed control
  • Position control
  • Direct approach to floor
  • Short floor management
  • Single-phase power supply for emergency return to floor
  • DCP3 and DCP4 Protocol
  • CANopen CiATM 301 protocol
  • CANopen Lift CiATM 417 protocol
  • Integrated braking unit
  • External +24V power supply for low consumption in standby mode
  • Peripheral encoder management
  • Management of energy consumption with supercapacitor bank charging
  • Anti-rollback and vibration suppression functions
  • 3 wizards for simplified management of start-up/optimization

Product Configuration

  • Configuration with optional alphanumeric keypad (KB-ADL500)
  • Configuration with PC and GF_DriveLabs product configurator
  • Configuration with optional Wi-Fi module and GF_Liftouch web application
  • Configuration with remote control gateway and GF_Liftouch web application


  • Optional multi-language keypad KB-ADL500
  • Dedicated EMC filters (for versions without integrated filter)


  • Encoders built into the universal card: Incremental HTL/TTL, SINCOS, ENDAT, BiSS
  • Encoder without universal card: Incremental HTL/TTL


ADL500, Inverter series for elevator
Gefran product range brochure
Flyer ADL510
Flyer ADL530
Flyer ADL550
ADL500, HW + Quick Start manual (Fw 1.0.2)
ADL510, SW manual (Fw 1.0.2)
ADL530, SW manual (Fw 1.0.2)
ADL550, SW manual (Fw 1.0.2)
CANopen Lift (CiA® 417), application for ADL500
EMC, Electromagnetic compatibility
Safe Torque Off User Manual for ADL550 / ADL550-ICS
GF_DriveLabs, VER. 1.0.0


Safe Torque Off Certifications - ADL550, ADL550-ICS (2014/33/EU; EN 81-20,, d; SIL 3 according to EN 61800-5-2)
EU LIFT Conformity declaration_ADL5xx, ADL550-ICS
EU LIFT Conformity declaration_ADL5 option boards
EN81 - Type exam brake monitoring - ADL5xx, ADL550-ICS

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