Main features & Overview


The AVRy series inverter offers the latest technology to meet the high demands of today’s elevators engineering sector.

This cutting edge control provides the best answer for the regenerative solution with regards to the synchronous motors used in the lift industry.

AVRy’s advanced features, including its “clean energy” recovery technology (harmonic distortion of input current < 4%), and high performance in terms of the dynamics and comfort of installation, guarantee considerable savings in operating energy costs.


Power Data
* Power supply: 3 x 400Vac….480Vac 50/60Hz
* Motor power ratings from 11kW (7.5Hp) to 27kW (20Hp), @ 400Vac
* Overload: 183% for 10 seconds
* Motor type: Synchronous

EMC & Mark Compliances:
CE Mark

Main Features

  • Integrated Regenerative Unit
  • Unitary power factor (cosphi)
  • Low harmonic distortion of input current <4%
  • Multispeed control
  • Short floor management
  • Flexible ramp management
  • Management of TTL incremental digital encoder
  • Management of SinCos absolute encoder
  • “Space vector” modulation reduces noise levels to a minimum.
  • Motor parameters self tuning

Product Set-Up
The configuration set-up can be done by the following:

  • Integrated programming keypad
  • PC with Graphical User Interface GF-eXpress

Easy and safe start-up
Thanks to the User-friendly menu the configuration of the drive is fast and intuitive.


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EU LIFT Conformity declaration_AVRy1, AVRy2

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