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No longer available

Partially replaceable with 2400 models: contact our Technical Support.

The 2308 is a universal panel instrument for displaying up to 8 different variables with configurable alarm or switch points.

Its characteristics of configurability, as well as speed of acquisition and response, mean that it is an extremely versatile instrument that may be used for the display of physical phenomena with alarm switching in a diversity of industrial applications.

The instrument can accept temperature signals from isolated thermocouples, even of different types, and from 2 or 3-wires resistance thermometers, as well as from linear signals in dc voltage or current (e.g. potentiometers, amplified pressure probes, transmitters, etc.).

The selection of the input type for each channel is made by harware configuration, while the scale range (for linear inputs) may be configured from the front panel keys (software).

The instrument may be also be configured for 8 ac voltage inputs.

Shunts and dividers are available to condition the various ac voltage and current signal.

Alarm output are available with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 10 using the MD81 external expansion unit.

The alarms themselves have multiple functions and allow ample freedom of choice.

In particular, AL1 and AL2 can be attributed to one of any of the 8 channels, or to indicate the state of the alarm condition of the input group (selectable in the range 1...8).

The passive current loop or RS485 serial link is convertible to RS232 using the CLB94 adapter.


  • Up to 8 displayed points with manual or automatic scanning
  • Thermocouple, resistance thermometer, DC V/I, AC V/I, potentiometer inputs
  • Heterogeneous inputs
  • Up to 10 freely configurable alarm points
  • Optoisolated 4-wires digital communication.


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