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Inverters for elevators

Flexible and complete, thanks to a vast range of dedicated options and accessories, the SIEIDrive- LIFT inverters represent the most rapid and immediate solution to every sector application requirement. The thousands of functioning systems throughout the world are the best testimony to Gefran’s expertise.

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DC armature converters

The TPD32-EV series of digital armature converters represents today’s most advanced technology for DC motor control. Designed for integration into the most modern automation systems are compatible with every type of power supply and is available in a wide range of power ratings for control of motors up to 5MW.
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Regen and AC/DC power suppliers

Thanks to an accurate conversion of the three-phase AC input, the power supply product line allow you to supply through a common DC bus system a great variety of solutions consisting of individual drive or multi-drive configurations with extremely high powers.

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Servodrives & brushless motors

The Drive & Motion Unit in Gerenzano (VA) designs and manufactures a wide range of drives for the speed control of the main motors technologies such as AC, DC and Brushless, providing high end solutions of regulation for most of the industrial automation sectors.

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