February 01, 2011



The new Performance Level C versions are the ideal solution for increasing the safety of extruders

The IMPACT series of pressure sensors now expands with new versions designed to increase the safety levels of machines in conformity to new international regulations.

Designed and produced by Gefran for greater strength (parts in contact with the process are up to 35 times stronger than normal probes), simplicity of installation (designed with floating mechanics) and reliability compared to traditional Melt pressure sensors, the Impact series complies with the latest revision of Standard EN1114 concerning the safety requisites of extruders with the new Performance Level C version.

This version features smart electronics with auto-diagnostics that detects all possible fault conditions. Additional safety is ensured by an integrated relay that changes state in case of over-pressures or passing of the set limit in conformity to the requirements of Namur NE21 and NE43.

The technology behind Impact sensors is the heart of this family of products, which, thanks to a silicon piezoresistive primary element, has allowed Gefran’s engineers to create devices that measure pressure and temperature variables in a work range of up to 350°C without any filling fluid. This is a revolutionary advance over common technologies that use Mercury, oil, or NaK as transmission fluids for the process variable.

Resistance to high temperatures and the ability to resist static or quasi-static pressures (typical in extrusion processes) and dynamic pressures with absolute values of up to 3500 bar (typical in injection processes) make Impact the ideal solution in plastic transformation processes.

The advantages for the user are concrete and immediate: greater safety, stronger devices, longer average sensor life, resistance to wear by high-temperature abrasive materials, resistance to pressure spikes at cold start, and total respect of the environment.



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