Gefran renews its series of Magnetostrictive Transducers with SSI Interface

November 11, 2009

Gefran has renewed its series of magnetostrictive transducers with SSI interface, increasing performance to satisfy market demands. The electronics has been completely redesigned to improve the linearity and communication of all models.

Among Gefran’s magnetostrictive transducers, SSI interface models have an extremely wide range of application. This protocol, with its immunity to noise and high adaptability to the communication interface, provides very precise measurement reads.

Among the principal innovations is the new “internal linearization” option, which provides linearity up to 4 times higher than the standard version by performing linearity compensation in the electronics.

The entire SSI series has been given new electronics compatible with EMC standards and is more resistant to power surges. The reduction in overall noise improves transducer communication. In addition, the communication structure has been aligned in all versions (with and without the oversampling algorithm), making the entire series more compatible with SSI sensors made by other companies.

With regard to technical specifications, maximum working temperature has been raised to 90°C and current input has been halved, dropping to 50 mA, the lowest level on the market for this product!

As for the models, the version with MK4-S profile maintains its mechanical characteristics, with the addition of a new model with M16 Binder 7-pin DIN 45329 connector.
On the other hand, the rod version has been completely redesigned, evolving from the IK2 series with hexagonal head to the IK4 series with innovative cylindrical head, from which it acquires all its mechanical specifications. As in all of the other IK4 models, the entire electronics of the IK4-S transducer can be removed by unscrewing the ring-nut seal on the head and extracting the connector head to which it is attached. This means that in case of damage, the electronics can be replaced without removing the transducer, an essential feature in applications such as installations inside hydraulic cylinders. Working on the transducer without removing it avoids opening the cylinder, oil leaks, and resetting the hydraulic system at the end of maintenance.

Thanks to this improvement, Gefran’s series MK4-S and IK4-S magnetostrictives with SSI interface keep all of the features that have made them ideal for working metals and other materials, adding some new characteristics and functions that make them even more accurate, reliable, and efficient.

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