The new magnetostrictive sensors now speak IO-Link

October 27, 2020

Gefran enhances the range of Hyperwave contactless magnetostrictive position transducers with the launch of the WPL (HyperWave Profile IO-Link) series equipped with IO-Link 1.1 interface, which guarantees optimised integration and communication with the new 4.0 architectures typically used in medium-to-large size machines used for a broad range of applications, such as plastic, aluminium, metal, wood, ceramics, glass and automotive.

Thanks to the characteristics of an enhanced digital connectivity, WPL smart sensors stand out in particular for their ability to collect a higher quantity of process data and for rapidly and safely transmitting them in digital mode, with error bits and bytes to check data consistency (checksum). The accurate interpretation of a larger amount of information translates into a concrete advantage for Clients in terms of preventative and predictive maintenance of both the sensor and the machine, favouring an increase in the efficiency of the entire process. Moreover, replacement is particularly fast because the IO-Link master reconfigures parameters making them suitable to the new sensor. Additionally, the standardised IO-Link connection cables, which are easily accessible on the market and ready-to-use, guarantee a simplified installation.

WPL magnetostrictive transducers are the only transducers on the market capable of providing cyclic data on cursor position and speed of movement and are available in a version with 2 SSC (Switching Signal Channel) outputs, which are useful to set control or alarm thresholds.

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