GRS-H series: the new solid-state relays with an ultra-compact design

July 30, 2020

Official debut of the GRS-H mono phase solid state relays with integrated diagnostics by Gefran to control electrical resistances in industrial heating. The new solid state relays, available with current range from 15A to 120A, stand out because of their ultra-compact and very sturdy design, as well as because of their aesthetic details, aimed at making all Gefran solutions recognisable among the other electrical panels. 

Gefran was among the very first producers of SSRs in Italy, since the 80s. In this sense, the GRS-H products family is the result of the long-standing experience and know-how of the Company within the sector” stated Armando Lenza, Product Manager – Controllers & Power Controllers, who then added: “During the project, the R&D team focused specifically on the details and size of the components. This brought to the development of a series characterised by its dimensions - the smallest on the market, especially in terms of width, with the objective of considerably facilitating the installation in cabinets with a reduced volume. Finally,” Lenza concluded “with the new GRS-H series our clients can rely on a comprehensive range of SSRs with integrated diagnostics, operating in synergy with Gefran’s temperature regulators”.

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