Gefran presents the new "smart" series of Melt pressure transmitters

January 10, 2020

Gefran has expanded its range of products for extrusion plants, presenting the new series of Melt pressure sensors with digital output IO-Link version 1.1, specifically designed to meet the needs of Industry 4.0.

Designed to detect fluid pressure in high temperature environments, Melt Gefran's pressure transducers are ideal for installation in classic extrusion systems, in favour of a constant, high and repeatable quality of the product and an utmost respect for the environment. In detail, Gefran has developed fluid free sensors or that use NaK transmission fluids or oil to reduce carbon footprint.

A complete family with PLd and SIL2 certification that comprehends four ranges: the ILI, ILK, ILW and ILM.
The innovative "IMPACT" sensors of the ILI series are ideal for use in acid or abrasive processes, by virtue of the absence of transmission fluid, the resistance in high temperature environments, up to 350°C and a membrane in contact with the fluid that can reach a thickness 15 times higher than the traditional versions.
The ILK series is characterised by a mixture of Sodium + Potassium (NaK) as transmission fluid, which allows the sensor to read the pressure of the fluid up to 538 ° C, making it suitable for all needs of the plastic and metal market segment. The ILW series, thanks to the use of FDA certified oil, can be used in extrusion processes in the food industry. Finally, the ILM series with mercury fluid, is used in cases allowed by the European Directive 2011/65/EU - RoHS II.

The new "smart" high temperature pressure sensors Gefran with IO-Link interface are characterised by an output update time of just 2 ms and are able to perform a second SIO function that simulates the digital proximity, indicating only those values that exceed the set thresholds.

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