Gefran presents innoway, An innovation experience for the academic world

June 26, 2019

At the Stati Generali della Ricerca e dell’Innovazione event promoted by the Region of Lombardy, Gefran officially unveiled INNOWAY, a true innovation experience in which the company provides the budget, resources and know-how to ensure that brilliant ideas become concrete projects.

INNOWAY further strengthens this bond by developing a completely new way of interacting with students.

Smart processes for a smarter factory” is the challenge Gefran issues new graduates through the Region of Lombardy’s Open Innovation portal. This is the first challenge to be posted in the new Open Challenge section of the portal, where companies can post challenges promoting development of innovative solutions responding to the needs of enterprises in a variety of fields.

Projects must focus on two key themes, both of which are strongly linked to the themes of industry 4.0: energy saving and predictive maintenance.

“At Gefran, we are constantly working to reinforce the spirit of innovation,” explains Marcello Perini, General Manager of Gefran’s sensors and components business unit.

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