Gefran at SaMoTer 2017: on display with plug&play sensors that ensure security, quality and productivity

February 21, 2017

Gefran, leader in the design and production of sensors for industrial and mobile hydraulic applications for over 50 years, will attend the thirtieth edition of SaMoTer, the international earth-moving and building machinery expo to be held in Verona from February 22nd to the 25th (Pav. 7 - Stand C3).

The Gefran sensor catalogue for mobile hydraulic applications offers a complete range of plug & play solutions to accurately measure rotation, inclination, linear position, pressure and force/deformation. Gefran products stand out for their maximum application versatility and can be installed, among others, on road pavers, aerial platforms and excavators.

Gefran is bringing new innovations to Verona that further enrich its wide range of sensors that are now even more secure and reliable.

GR angular sensors, GI inclinometers and the KH pressure probe are available with digital output in CAN J3919 field bus and pressure probes that have received UL certification.  Furthermore, the GR family absolute position transducers with rotary hall effect have achieved E1 approval which, along with SIL2 certification (on industrial pressure), help to keep vehicle safety high during movements such as entire vehicle or part stabilisation, rotation and inclination and, not to be overlooked, operator safety in all those critical working conditions, typical of these applications.

Gefran sensors are ideal for outfitting the entire machine:  GRA and GRN hall effect absolute angular sensors are available with and without shaft and single circuit; inclinometers for single/double axle (XY/360°), all with MEMS technology, are available in the GIB, GIG versions (general purpose also in the relay version) and GIT according to the customer's performance needs. The new GSF, wired position transducer designed with potentiometric technology, stands out for its reduced dimensions and high solidity.

All equipped with CANOpen and CAN J1939 digital communication protocol, they are available in the single or redundant versions, Gefran sensors are also distinguished by their reliability and sturdiness: the case is made of solid PBT material ensuring shock, solvent and UV ray resistance and excellent stability against temperature changes. With these features, along with their reduced and compact dimensions, Gefran sensors meets the customer's need for a single supplier with a wide range of quality products specific to these severe environments, reducing maintenance to a minimum.


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