GEFRAN to the HeatTreatment Congress 2016 in Koeln

October 04, 2016

The lecture

To qualify for this event, the lectures have to report about a real and for the industry trend-setting innovation. The GEFRAN power controller from the Xtra range with electronic protection based on IGBT technology are such a novelty.

Gefran's technician, developer of the power controller GFW Xtra, reports on the first day how the new power control unit detects the short circuit and safely derives the short-circuit power.

The GFW Xtra traces quickly and continuously the current on the load. If the current exceeds a preset value, the circuit is interrupted immediately before load or power unit can be damaged. The current interruption is conducted in a range of microseconds.

The resumption of the heating process usually is carried out by an automatic reset. This is done in a minimum time by a soft-start ramp (test for short circuit). The intervention of a technician is not required. Moreover, the GFW Xtra controls each phase individually and prevents in the case of partial heater break the overload of the remaining intact heaters.

Thus, an extended degree of production safety and userfriendly operation and maintenance is guaranteed. Less downtime and higher machine availability affect directly on productivity and profit. Especially when operating continuously heated furnaces or systems that work 24/7, running Xtra power controllers significantly reduces the need for intervention by a technician.


The exhibition

In the accompanying exhibition Gefran schowcases additional to the power controllers a new two-loop PID control from the 1850 series.

The setpoint programmer is suitable for example for cascade control of melting furnaces and secures a reliable control of the melt temperature inside the crucible. Thus, it prevents overheating of the heating elements and contributes to the extension of their service of life.

The model 1850 (1/4 DIN) offers the largest and most comprehensive user interface. It distinguishes itself by a large LCD display with three configurable bargraphs for simultaneous display of actual process value, setpoint, and progress of the program step as well as by a secure data recorder and a Modbus interface.

The two-loop controller offers the programming of different setpoint profiles including their ramps and soak times as well as release and event outputs either directly by keypad or via PC using the configuration software GF_eXpress or, in graphic mode, by simply drawing the requestd profile.





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