May 02, 2015

Gefran presents its new KH Series with SIL2 certification: a pressure transducer for use on mobile vehicles, with measurement ranges from 0-4 bar to 0-1000 bar.

There are many mobile hydraulics applications, such as earth moving machines, aerial work platforms, cranes, farm machines, and utility vehicles, but their common denominator is “reliability and safety.”

The KH Series fully satisfies these requirements with SIL2 certification under European Functional Safety Standards, designed to prevent harm to people. Pressure measurement in mobile vehicle hydraulic circuits is very often a fundamental parameter for ensuring the safety of both vehicles and operators.

The sector also demands high mechanical and electrical performance, and the KH Series implements new features such as a ratiometric output and automotive electrical connectors.

The ratiometric output provides an amplified output signal (0.5 to 4.5 V) with a supply voltage of only 5 V: this is an enormous advantage for systems on mobile vehicles. As for wiring, the KH Series uses automotive electrical connectors: Deutsch DT04-4P 4-pin, AMP Superseal 3-pin, and Packard Metripack 3-pin, for compatibility with industry standards. The traditional M12x1 and EN 175301-803A (electrovalve), as well as direct output with shielded cable, are also available.

With compact size, high EMC protection level, process temperature from -40° to +125°C, and ±0.25%FS precision, the KH Series is ideal for mobile hydraulics applications.

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