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FFE200 series is the Gefran solution for regenerative power supply to be used as an alternative to traditional braking resistors.
Everytime there is no stringent harmonic distortion requirements, which by the way can be addressed by the AFE200 series, the Fundamental Front End technology allows to supply the high power drive through the DC bus.

How the FFE200 application can provide benefits:

  • Cabinet size Reduced
  • No Complex filters required being the sole AC
  • Choke enough to guarantee a sufficient level of harmonic distortion.
  • Efficiency enhancement of the internal power module
  • Limited internal dissipative losses.

The FFE200 line includes a range with rated currents of up to 880A in stand-alone configuration and 4000A in parallel configuration for three-phase 400V AC and 690 V AC power supplies.
Highly versatile, it can be used with the SMB200 when the system has different motorizing energy and braking needs, thereby reducing overall system cost.

• Line inductance (mandatory)
• External EMI mains filter


Fundamental Front End Regenerative Power Supply Unit, from 500A to 4000A

400V series:
* Power supply: 380VAC -15% …500VAC +5%, 50/60Hz
* Power ratings: from 300kW to 2.1MW

690V series:
* Power supply: 500VAC -10% …690VAC +10%, 50/60Hz
* Power ratings: from 475kW to 3.4MW

* Overload 150% for 60 sec every 5 minutes (Heavy duty) or 110% for 60 sec every 5 minutes (Light duty)
* IP00-rated protection

- Integration of up to 2 options on board the drive
- GF-eXpress multi-language programming SW (5 languages)
- Integrated KB_ADV programming keypad

Inputs / Outputs:

  • 2 bipolar analog inputs (Voltage/Current)
  • 2 bipolar analog outputs (1: Voltage/Current, 1: Voltage)
  • 6 digital inputs (PNP/NPN)
  • 2 digital outputs (PNP/NPN)
  • 2 relay outputs, single contact
  • RS485 serial line (Modbus RTU)

Fieldbus management:

  • DeviceNet, Modbus, GDnet, CANopen, Ethercat, PROFIBUS, PROFINET


  • Climatic conditions: EN 60721-3-3
  • Electrical safety: EN 50178, EN 61800-5-1, UL508C, UL840 pollution level 2
  • Vibrations: EN 60068-2-6, test Fc.
  • EMC EN61800-3

Environmental conditions:

  • Ambient temperature: 0 ...40°C, +40°C…+50°C with derating
  • Altitude: Max 2000 m.


  • CE: Complies with the EEC directive concerning low voltage equipment.


ADV200 AC Drive family, Regenerative & DC power supply units
Drive Overview, Guide to choices
Gefran product range brochure
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Inverter system & power supply unit
Catalog Read Me
EMC, Electromagnetic compatibility
EXP-CAN-DN-ADV, CANopen / DeviceNet interface expansion card
EXP-ETH-CAT-ADV, EtherCAT interface expansion card
EXP-ETH-GD-ADV, GDNet interface expansion card
EXP-ETH-IP-ADV, Industrial Ethernet interface expansion card
EXP-ETH-PN-ADV200, Profinet interface expansion card for AFE200/FFE200
EXP-FL-XCAN-ADV, CAN Master Controller & FastLink interface
EXP-MBTCP-ADV, Modbus TCP/IP-RTU Converter
EXP-PDP-ADV, Profibus DP interface expansion card
FFE200, Instruction manual
GF_eXpress ReadMe
GF_eXpress UserGuide
Modbus RTU
OPT-485-ADV, RS485 optoinsulator for point-to-point/multidrop connections
Quick guide for using SoftScope tool (basic software and MDPLC applications)
USB-RS485 Converter Cable
EXP-LOCK-KIT for Expansion card
KB-ADV Remoting kit
Catalog ver. 2.91.0
GF_eXpress ver 2.1.39
GSDML file, Profinet (for AFE200 fw ≥ 7.3.1; for FFE200 fw ≥ 1.0.1)
Softscope, Digital Scope (Ver. 2.89)


EU Conformity declaration_FFE200
EU Conformity declaration_FFE200-4-MS/SL
EU Conformity declaration_FFE200-6-MS/SL
Profinet Certification no. Z10807 for: AFE200, FFE200
EU Conformity declaration_LR3-.-PRC, LR3-.-FFE
EAC Certification 2023

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