EXTRUDERS BECOME SMART - At Plast 2012: the remote control solution for tablets and smart phones

June 25, 2012

Milan, May 2012 – At Plast 2012, Lider Makina, one of Turkey’s largest producers of extrusion lines and systems for plastic tubes and profiles, presented an extremely innovative extrusion method for these products.

Lider Makina produces a wide range of twin screw extruders, single screw extruders, benches, hauls, and accessories for extruder lines, with more than 70% of its extruders exported to over 30 countries.

The quality and technology of Lider Makina extruders are guaranteed by their components. Lider Makina offers competitive and technologically advanced products thanks to its careful search for quality suppliers of state-of-the-art instruments and electronic devices.

Specifically, the solution presented at Plast 2012 offers the end user the ability to remotely control and monitor the machine, easily and intuitively, with devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The remote connection is made via a VNC client for Windows, Linux, and Tablet platforms, which permits remote control of the machine at no additional cost. This means that you do not have to develop any additional code to obtain this function, which lets you set/check machine function from any place in the world that offers an Ethernet connection.

The extruder is controlled by Gefran Gilogik II PLCs and by Gefran GF_Vedo HMIs. Gefran, the Italian leader in the design and production of electronic devices for automation, offers automation platforms with Ethernet connection for remote machine/operator communication. The remote monitoring application has been developed by Lider Makina’s technical department.

By using a Gefran PLC for control, the user can store machine data with a flash card, record alarms, and save and load process formulas and parameters.

Lider Makina is a technological partner for the European and world market, supplying solutions based on the specific requests and needs of its customers.

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