Demands of the industrial hoist and crane market

Reliability and higher speed, synchronized movements and safety, high performance and simple operation: this is what users of industrial hoist and crane systems are looking for.

What does Gefran offer?

Users of industrial hoist and crane systems want greater reliability, higher speed, and synchronized movements.
All of the products and elements making up systems and architectures have to guarantee high performance and safety without sacrificing simplicity of use.

Solutions for 360° control of movements

Gefran’s ADV200-HC series of inverters is specifically designed for Hoist & Crane applications and satisfies all of the industry’s demands. This line of smart drives has very high performance and advanced controls and is also very simple to program and install. A 360° control solution applicable to all types of movements.

With specific functions, robustness, highest safety standards, and flexibility, the ADV200-HC inverter satisfies all of the operating demands of modern hoist and crane systems because it controls asynchronous motors with or without encoder and controls all lift and translation movements (hoist, gantry, trolley).

Integrable functions

Control platforms guarantee the integration of specific functions needed to control simple movements as well as sophisticated systems such as dock cranes.
In addition, all synchronization functions for main lift and translation movements (Hoist, Gantry, Trolley) are managed in a single programming environment.

Features of the ADV200-HC inverter

The ADV200-HC inverter also provides:

  • 100% of torque at zero speed for extremely precise control of load movement at low speeds
  • Configurable overload for smooth movements with any load
  • Integrated brake control for safe movement of suspended loads
  • Hoist Speed Up function for higher productivity and faster work cycles with light loads
  • Compact mechanics and integrated braking unit up to 55kW and optional external modules for the entire series
  • Integrated Safe Torque Off option conforming to the Machinery Safety Directive under standards SIL3 and PL “d”
  • Anti-Sway function to prevent dangerous movements during load translation
  • Electrical Axis function to synchronize Dual Gantry applications
  • Energy Efficiency Option

Are you an OEM or a system integrator and want more information on this product? See the product card for the ADV200-HC inverter.