GTF: the new line of power controllers for electric heaters

10 May, 2011

Greater precision, careful and prudent energy use, detailed process diagnostics, and full interconnectivity with automation networks are just some of the growing requirements in industrial electric heating processes.
And Gefran’s new GTF line of advanced power controllers satisfies them all.

Gefran’s GTF stands out thanks to its flexibility, adapting easily to the widest variety of needs.
Flexibility starts from the input control (configurable according to the control system to be used): GTF offers an ON/OFF digital input, a digital input in PWM, 0-10V and 4-20mA analogue inputs, a simple potentiometer input, or control from Modbus RTU serial communication.

The ability to field-configure the trigger for double SCRs or power IGBTs, from zero-crossing to phase angle control, lets you connect any type of heating load: conventional electrical resistors with low thermal coefficient, long/medium/short-wave IR lamps, high thermal coefficient resistors such as Khantal and Super Khantal, silicon carbide heaters, and transformer primaries.

Numerous control functions include innovative Soft Start and Soft Stop ramps, which let you limit the instantaneous power levels used, thereby optimising consumption and increasing the working life of the load.

GTFs have a wide range of applicability, including the photovoltaic sector and semiconductors, for accurate closed loop controls in current, voltage, and power. Precise control at very low power levels is ensured by high-resolution rms current and voltage measurements over the entire rated range.

The high level of flexibility and applicability of GTF models – ranging from 25 Amps to 250 Amps - permits control of small heating systems as well as of medium and large thermal machines, guaranteeing compactness as well as working voltages of 480 VAC and 600 VAC.

In addition, the GTF’s many functions are highly practical, ensured by a Gefran software tool that provides simple and intuitive use from the moment of installation, plus an innovative and guided user interface.

Among the many options is an innovative on-board “electronic fuse” function that eliminates the need for external high-speed fuses and reduces the length and cost of machine downtime.

The Modbus RTU serial connection lets you send control signals as well as read process variables and complete system diagnostics.

Just like all Gefran products, the GTF includes UL certification and the support of a worldwide sales and technical network.

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