Gfx4 and Gfxtermo4: ultra-compact temperature control multichannel module for welding

13 May, 2017


Gfx4 and Gfxtermo4: ultra-compact temperature control multichannel module for welding with four channels and fieldbus connection


The automation of packaging, wrap ping and welding machines requires ever more compact “space-saving” solutions to ensure they can be incorporated within small electrics boards and panels. However, at the same time, it is also essential to develop standard communication possibilities between the ma chine and line devices.

The new GFX4 and GFXTERMO4 multichannel temperature controllers by Gefran SpA optimally solve all these additional requirements, with advanced diagnostic functions.

Designed with four power stages, which is a common requirement on packaging machines, they exercise rapid and precise control over the four temperature zones with the optional possibility of acquiring four further analog signals. Configurable universal inputs, evolved self and autotuning functions, connections via pluggable and spring connectors , and DIN rail mounting make installation and adaptation to the pro cess simple and fast.

The GFX4 version includes, in a single din rail mounting enclosure the four PID controllers and four solid state relays based on sturdy antiparallel double SCR technology). These are mounted on the ventilated heatsink. As an option there is a provision for four on board current transformers, together with four extra-rapid fuses assembled on fuse holders.

This “all on board” solution offers considerable space-saving advantages within the panel and reduced assembly time, in addition to rationalising and considerably reducing wiring requirements. With multiple diagnostic functions available, like the “loop break alarm” and the “heater break alarm”, it is possible to monitor functionality of the loads and immediately diagnose, with relay alarms and LED indicators; broken probes,, lack of load voltage, even partial load failure. You can also check for excess temperature conditions or short circuiting of the solid state relay. Performance is enhanced by the addition of communication ports with Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, DeviceNet and CanOpen protocols for direct connection, without any further converters, to devices like PLCs and operator interfaces or Industrial PCs.

GFXTERMO4 realises the equivalent performance in compact dimensions (only 25x147x160mm), providing just the control module, for DIN rail or plate mounting, this requires an external connection of solid state relays for the load. The range is completed by an entire family of solid state relays with or without heatsinks, “hand-held” controller configuration terminals, Operator Panels with Touch Screen and a simplified configuration software packet via PC Focus on Packaging Solution.

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