From FLY Talent Academy to kenFLY, Gefran innovates its training with a digital hub

10 November, 2021

Provaglio d'Iseo (Brescia), 10 November 2021 - The Gefran Group takes another vital step forward in making its people grow with kenFLY, the digital hub designed for all worldwide employees to train their skills and competencies and exchange experiences and knowledge.

kenFLY is the digital evolution of the FLY Gefran Talent Academy, established in 2017. The term kenFLY is a combination of the verbs "to ken" and "to fly", according to the purpose of Gefran: to build the Gefran of tomorrow by identifying and developing talent and working on strengths creating value for the Group and its people, today.

Through digitalisation and gamification, kenFLY spreads the principles that inspired the FLY Gefran Talent Academy to involve all 800 employees of the Group – located in Italy (500), in six production branches in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Switzerland and the United States, and the commercial branches of France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and Singapore.

In addition to people growth, kenFLY aims to strengthen the organisation's business culture through:

  • a common language (skills matrix);
  • management accountability for their skills development as team mentors and coaches;
  • employee accountability (progressive proactiveness and autonomy in training and sharing their skills in a structured environment).

The skills matrix rest on the entire training plan; the matrix splits into six capacity areas – intellectual, relational, managerial, innovative, emotional and technical/business – and 29 skills, representing the common language for the entire Group and a collective awareness tool.

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