Gefran Inverters for the second highest open-air elevator in China

14 June, 2018

The ADL300™ lift inverter is the Gefran solution for the High-End elevator (212m height) located in the scenic area of ​​Baquan Xia Gorge in Taihang Mountain.

The system, installed in a shaft composed of a derrick attached to a steel structure, is composed of three elevators operating in group configuration running at the speed of 4 m/s with a rated load of 1600kg each.

Three ADL300 inverters, having a rated output current of 150 Amps and overload up to 200% each, is the selected solution to assure safety and maximum comfort. Thanks to the Gefran EPC™ Elevator Position Control software, the drive allows the floor direct approach and precise levelling.



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