Plastics and its transformation processes unequivocally identify who Gefran is and what it does: plastics has always been one of our primary sectors. Careful development of new products, plus an innate approach to serving customers, have made Gefran the leader on a global and constantly more competitive market.

Gefran’s proposal for the plastics market consists of an extensive choice of automation devices for machine control, a complete range of sensors and a dedicated motion line, all of which are distinguished by efficiency, good value, practicality, and easy installation.
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Understanding the standards? A competitive advantage

Safety of machinery is always a topical subject in Europe: builders have to design and manufacture safe and efficient machinery that conforms to standards and that guarantee worker safety.

It is therefore essential to understand these standards in order to apply them properly: a competitive advantage that Gefran offers to all of its customers.

Why choose an all-electric press?

Energy efficiency, greater precision and repeatability, shorter process cycle time, reliability, silent running.

These are just some of the amazing features of new all-electric presses which, along with an excellent price/performance ratio, will convince you to choose these presses!

Salvadanaio 2

The energy-saving solution for extrusion

Builders of plastic processing machines have known Gefran for over 40 years: Gefran’s synergy and partnership with its customers lets it offer them advanced and custom solutions and allows it to increase its knowledge and know-how of the process.

Application templates, softwares that Gefran has created specifically for extrusion, injection, blowing, and special functions (such as Parison control), are just one result of this alliance. Gefran application templates include process control and HMI, and are completely configurable to every application.

Case Histories for Plastic

Plastic - OEM, System Integrator, End User
Plastic Metal - Injection molding machines

Plastic Metal - Injection molding machines

High quality, reliability, and technology have always characterized Plastic Metal injection molding machines and marked the company’s growth over the years.
Gefran’s products are based on the same philosophy and help achieve constantly higher quality. Gefran provides high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use products that simplify the operation of injection molding machines.

Plastic - OEM, System Integrator, End User
Bausano - Plastic extrusion machines

Bausano - Plastic extrusion machines

Bausano is a leading manufacturer of plastic extrusion machines.
To stay at the top of the industry and be ready to face the challenges of the future, its partnership with Gefran is essential for its success.
Gefran’s 40 years of experience in plastics, high technology content, large product portfolio, and ability to provide a complete solution allow Bausano to concentrate on its core business, i.e., design and strategic planning.

Plastic - OEM, System Integrator, End User
Frigosystem - Shared expertise for a unique solution

Frigosystem - Shared expertise for a unique solution

Extrusion is a process in which plastic is deformed to create objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile (for example, tubes): the polymer is heated, compressed and pushed through a die with the shape of the profile to be created. When the polymer exits the die it is force-cooled at a controlled temperature by chillers or cooling units to optimize process efficiency and yield. During this phase, precise temperature control is especially important to guarantee the extrudate’s reliability and constant technical characteristics. External ambient factors may have a significant effect on the final product, and therefore the cooling system must be able to detect climatic conditions and incorporate them in the process.
Plastic - OEM, System Integrator, End User
ICMA San Giorgio

ICMA San Giorgio

Gefran is one of ICMA San Giorgio’s partners in the construction of an extrusion system equipped with corotating twin-screw extruder installed at a large test laboratory near Detroit. Gefran’s added value: connectivity, remoting service, and a complete range of automation components.

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