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In the last decade the elevators have been under a tremendous evolution from the technology standpoint like never before. Safety, comfort travel, efficiency, reliability, remote access combined with the use of smartphones and tablets are the major changes that we daily experience versus the old generation systems.

Gefran has developed the new ADL500 inverter series specific for elevators EN81-20 / EN81-50 certified.

The series is composed of three lines ADL550, ADL530 and ADL510 designed to answer the requirements of high rise, medium rise and low rise buildings, without to forget the big market of the modernization.

ADL510: designed to be simple and easy to install in case of asynchronous motors typical of low-rise buildings or modernization both in open and close loop.

ADL530: designed to control both geared and gearless motors integrated On-board Universal encoder interface (EnDat, SinCos, BiSS and Digital Incremental) and integrated CAN port for communication by CANopen 301 and CANopen Lift 417 are ready to use.

ADL550: specific for installations requiring high levels of performance with advanced safety features, such as Safe Torque Off SIL3 (Phase contactor-less), Safe Brake Test (SBT) to check the motor brakes effectiveness, and the Electronic Brake Control (EBC) SIL3* that replaces the electro-mechanical brakes contactors by internal electronics (Brake contactor-less).



  • Functions to void roll-back and suppress vibrations upon start-up.
  • “Direct Landing” positioning at the floor.


  • Safe Torque Off (STO-SIL3): Can use drive with no output contactors.
  • Electronic Brake Control (EBC500-SIL3)*: External device to replace electromechanical brake control relays 
  • Safe Brake Test (SBT): specific function to check the motor brakes effectiveness


  • Universal multi-encoder card integrated (ADL530 and 550)
  • Integrated module for emergency DC battery power supply

Smart Communication

  • Multi-function USB port (ADL530 and 550)
  • Ethernet-based
  • Wireless programming with smartphones via Wi-Fi module and GF_Liftouch APP (ADL530 and 550)
  • Drive monitoring and remote access via Gefran portal and GF_Liftouch APP


  • Regeneration in combination with AFE200
  • Hybrid systems with supercapacitors
  • Stand-by management


  • 4 wizards
  • GF_liftouch APP with simple, user-friendly interface
  • New GF_DriveLabs configurator for a richer, more pleasant user experience


Power supply

  • ADL550/530-4: 3ph 230-380-400-460-480V (-15% / +10%) @50/60Hz
  • ADL510-4: 3ph  380-400V (-15% / +10%) @50/60Hz

Power range

  • ADL550-4: 4kW (5Hp) … 15kW (20Hp)
  • ADL530-4: 4kW (5Hp) … 15kW (20Hp)
  • ADL510-4: 4kW (5Hp) … 15kW (20Hp)


  • CE
  • cULus
  • EAC
  • EN81-20, EN81-50
  • EN 12015, EN 12016
  • STO SIL3
  • EBC SIL3 (with EBC500 module)*

General Characteristics

  • Speed control
  • Position control
  • Direct approach to floor
  • Short floor management
  • Single-phase power supply for emergency return to floor
  • Battery power supply with integrated emergency management module
  • DCP3 and DCP4* protocol
  • CANopen CiATM 301 protocol
  • CANopen Lift CiATM 417 protocol
  • Integrated braking unit
  • Integrated EMI Filter
  • External +24V power supply for low consumption in standby mode (ADL550)
  • Peripheral encoder management*
  • Management of energy consumption with supercapacitor bank charging
  • Anti-rollback and vibration suppression functions
  • 4 wizards (set-up, start-up, optimization and troubleshooting)
  • Datalogger*

Interface with product


  • With smartphone/tablet/PC with GF_Liftouch APP and Wi-Fi module
  • With PC via GF_DriveLabs product configurator
  • With optional alphanumeric keypad (KB-ADL500)


  • With 4G gateway module and Gefran portal via GF_Liftouch APP


  • Optional multi-language keypad KB-ADL500
  • EMI filter (-F models)
  • Battery power supply module (EMS version)
  • Wi-Fi Drive Link module
  • EBC500* module


  • ADL510: TTL/HTL encoder interface
  • ADL530/550: Integrated multi-encoder universal interface (TTL/HTL/Endat/Biss/SinCos/SSI)

*In preparation



ADL500, Inverter series for elevator
Gefran product range brochure
ADL500, HW + Quick Start manual (Fw 2.x.2)
ADL510, SW manual (Fw 2.x.2)
ADL530, SW manual (Fw 2.x.2)
ADL550, SW manual (Fw 2.x.2)
EMC, Electromagnetic compatibility
EXP-IO1-ADL500_IT-EN, Optional expansion card
GF_DriveLabs, User manual
KIT GND PLATE, Optional kit for ADL500
Safe Torque Off User Manual for ADL550 / ADL550-ICS
Wi-Fi Drive Link module + GF_Liftouch, Manual
GF_DriveLabs, VER. 1.0.5
ADL500 LANGUAGES (FW 2.x.2 - APPL EFC 2.x.0)


Safe Torque Off Certifications - ADL550, ADL550-ICS (2014/33/EU; EN 81-20,, d; SIL 3 according to EN 61800-5-2)
EU LIFT Conformity declaration_ADL5xx, ADL550-ICS
EU LIFT Conformity declaration_ADL5 option boards
EN81 - Type exam brake monitoring - ADL5xx, ADL550-ICS
EAC Certification ADL550, ADL530, ADL510
UL Certifications - ADL550, ADL530, ADL510, ADL550-ICS

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