AGL50 - EV

Main features & Overview


The AGL50 EV drive, available in a single mechanical size, is ideal for modernizations or new geared (asynchronous motor) low rise installations controlled in open loop, that do not require highly sophisticated control and fieldbus communication with the control card.

Easy to install and configure, the drive is a cost effective solution that ensures maximum reliability and technological quality.


Power Data
* Power supply: 3 x 400 – 480Vac (-15% / +10%) @ 50Hz (-2%) / 60Hz (+2%)
* Motor power ratings: 4kW (5Hp) - 5.5kW (7.5Hp) - 7.5kW (10Hp)
* Overload: 170% for 10 seconds
* Motor type: Asynchronous

EMC & Mark Compliances:

  • CE Mark

Main Features

  • Compact Dimensions
  • Multispeed control
  • Short floor management
  • Flexible ramps management
  • Self-tuning of motor parameters
  • Lift sequences
  • Integrated Motor control
  • Integrated brake control
  • Integrated braking unit

Product Set-Up
The configuration set-up can be done by the following:

  • Integrated keypad
  • PC with Graphical User Interface GF-eXpress

Easy and safe start-up
Thanks to the User-friendly menu the configuration of the drive is fast and intuitive.


  • External EMC filters (in compliance with EN12015)
  • Input and Output chokes
  • Braking resistors


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